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Date added: 2018-07-07   Times played: 3

About Booster.space

Jump into another spaceship combat game called Booster.space to come across multiple enemies and try to fight them all! When you spawn in this space 2d shooter IO game, you start controlling a spaceship that is armed with a dangerous laser. When you catch sight of a rival, you must use the laser to cut through his ship as fast as possible. Don’t miss any targets, or you won’t be able to win. Besides the real enemies, your laser is also able to cut through lots of meteors. There is one problem here, which is the limited number of crystals powering your laser. You don’t have an infinite supply, so you need to fly through space trying to gather further crystals so as to keep your laser powered, which allows you to continue the battle. Feel free to make a speed boost using the crystals if you want. This will help you get away from a risk or catch your prey. Your goal is to establish your dominance in space!


Use the left mouse button to shoot the laser. Press spacebar to speed up.

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