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Date added: 2018-07-09   Times played: 12

About Seakers.space


Seakers.space is a space combat survival 2D Shooter game in which you have to fly around in space with your spaceship to battle against numerous tough rivals. The game takes a lot of concentration, abilities, strategies and some tactics to conquer. You need to navigate your ship carefully to aim then shoot down all opponents standing in your way. Make sure you match the rival bullet velocity while trying to stay away from the deadly bullet stream, or else you will soak massive damage, leaving you no chance to win. On top of that, you must protect your ship from all dangerous around. If you get hit, it will be a game over for you. Try to show off your skills, conquer the enemies and get a chance to unlock brand new ships. Your main goal in this IO game is to rise your name to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck!


Keys WASD are used for directing your ship. Press spacebar or click left mouse to fire.

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