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Date added: 2018-07-11   Times played: 2

About SkyRoyale.io

In a fantastic 2D Shooter Strategy game like SkyRoyale.io, you turn yourself into a cunning pilot who must kill all enemies standing in his way for an ultimate glory. You will come across multiple enemies coming from around the world, so you’d better prepare some strategies in advance, then use them to deal with all rivals. When you spawn in the arena, you start flying your airplane around in the skies to hunt for the enemies, then, quickly shoot them down before they kill you. Try not to take any damage from the rival bullet, you should use your maneuvering skill to elude their attacks, which saves your life. You can make good use of the stealth mode to sneak up on others, also, this will help you lure them easily. The main objective is to build your dominance in the skies. Can you achieve it? Feel free to join then show your skills!


Use the left mouse button or press spacebar to fire. Click right mouse or key W to get into the stealth mode.

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