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Date added: 2018-07-12   Times played: 31

About Gunzer.io

Gunzer.io Be a smart and cunning commander in an exciting 2D Shooter game called Gunzer.io! You are armed with a group full of different squadron units, your job is to deploy them carefully to engage in a brutal combat where you must kill all enemies. Direct your units carefully around the map to hunt for other players, then quickly attack them before they annihilate you. On your way, you will see lots of boxes dispersed on the ground. Try to gather them, and use them to send out further soldiers into the fight. When you make a progress, you should buy high-level squadrons. They will help you defeat tougher enemies more easily. The only drawback of these powerful squadrons is that they cost more money. Therefore, you need to spend your earnings wisely. Always have some strategies ready throughout the course of the game so you can destroy others. Will you be able to rule the battlefield? Play it now!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movements. Click left mouse to fire, use arrow keys for purchasing a unit.

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