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Date added: 2018-08-02   Times played: 29

About Territor.io

Territor.io Territor.io is a fun RPG Strategy game that is inspired by Splix.io. In the game, you will roam the map carefully to cover a lot of territories, then, connect them back to your main base to expand your realm. The game is nothing different from its predecessor in terms of gameplay, however, it will feature some awesome bounties for you to experience, such as speed bounty and score bounty. For the speed bounty, you will get double speed for 5 seconds, and for the score bounty, you will get over 100 points on eating. You should go hunt for these bounties while covering the arena and expanding your territory. Another important thing you must keep in mind is that never let others run into your tail, or else you will be destroyed, causing the game to be over. The final goal here is to create the largest base possible then climb your way to the top of the leaderboard.


Use the mouse to move around the map.

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