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Date added: 2018-08-06   Times played: 7

About Mechar.io


Get ready for an intense battle in a 2D Shooter game called Mechar.io! The war between strong robots has begun. You will take control of one carefully, roam a huge map to hunt down all enemies, and make good use of various weapons to shoot them all, like railgun, rocket launcher, or even flak cannon. There are still many other dangerous weapons dispersed on the ground. Go find them all, then use them wisely to get an edge over others. If your health is reducing, you should collect more supplies that are scattered around the map in order to recover it. You can hunt the enemies easily using the tracking bombs, or you can locate them using the mini-map in the corner. Make sure you protect yourself from their bullets by using your shield. If you soak damage, you won’t have a chance to win. Will you become the best robot of all in the arena? Play it now!


Move around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Double click for dashing. Press spacebar to bash, use the left mouse to fire, and use the right mouse for using the shield.

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