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Date added: 2018-08-24   Times played: 20

About Robostorm.io


Robostorm.io is a team-based upgrades game about a fierce combat between the robots. You spawn in the map as a member of a team and you undertake a challenging mission which is to kill all enemy robots while trying to lead your team to the glory. You should work with your teammates to gain the control of some areas around the map. Also, you need to pick up several weapons that will help your primary cannon dish out extra firepower to the enemies. With a good amount of XP you earned for gaining the control of the map or for killing some rival robots, you can totally use it to enhance your own stats, which gives you more strength to continue fighting. Always stick with your teammates during the combat! Support each other so you guys can get through all the dangers and touch the final triumph. Kick off the battle now! Good luck!


Move around the map using WASD. Use key Shift for using the shield, press spacebar for dashing, use the mouse to fire and press key B to open the shop.

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