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Date added: 2018-09-01   Times played: 17

About NoBrakes.io

NoBrakes.io Compete against so many contenders in a super fun Power-ups Racing game called Nobrakes.io! In the game, you have to race around the circuit and try your hardest to overcome all the checkpoints for a chance of touching the glory. You may find it easy a bit to carry out this mission, but it will become harder when you race in the longer time. Try to gather a lot of power-ups during every race then use them to speed up. Do not touch any sides of the track, or else the race will be over, and you have to restart it from scratch. Make sure you outplay your opponents, have a nice performance so you can earn money. Then, you can spend it on different shaped vehicles! The main objective here is to reach the final goal area first to become the best racer! Let’s give it a shot now! Have fun!


Steer your vehicle using the left/right arrow keys.

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