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Date added: 2018-09-04   Times played: 14

About Blastz.io


Blastz.io is a space-themed shooter game that promises to keep you entertained. You will fly into space with your spaceship trying to fight against so many rivals from across the world. Your main task here is to destroy the enemy ships using your weapons. The more ships you kill the more experience points you will earn, then you can improve your ship easily. There are so many health kits that can be found around the arena. Be sure to gather them so as to restore your health, which allows you to continue fighting. Keep an eye on the surroundings throughout the combat, other rivals may ambush you anytime. If you don’t elude their shots in time, you will get destroyed, and your game will be over soon. Try to play with excellent warfare tactics, demolish all opponents standing in your way and reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Good luck!


Move your ship using WASD. Click left mouse to assault the enemies, hit them and run. Rotate your ship using the mouse.

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