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Date added: 2018-09-08   Times played: 32

About Beachfight.io


Come to the sand and get ready to fight against your opponents in Beachfight.io – a nice free-for-all upgrades game online. You are armed with a deadly beach ball and you need to fire it carefully to attack the rivals so as to wipe them out before they eliminate you. Make sure you hold the shoot button for longer a bit for making the bigger beach ball, which allows you to dish out more damage, and of course, your survivability will be gained even more. Besides fighting against the enemies, you need to watch out for the shark roaming the beach. If you lose your attention, you may get caught by it, leading to your death. Try to protect yourself all the time, beat all opponents to become the ultimate winner of this beach fight. Get yourself ready for the game now! Hopefully, you guys will have a blast with it! Good luck!


Use arrow keys or WASD for moving. Click left mouse to fire ball, hold to charge and use Caps lock for toggling HUD.

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