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Date added: 2018-09-10   Times played: 32

About Pako.io

Pako.io Play another web browser battle royale game called Pako.io! There are so many opponents you will come across in the same arena, so you must prepare your strategies in advance and use your skills to finish them off before you get eliminated. With a spear in your hand, you have to use it skillfully to stab the rivals when they are standing in your way. While trying to kill others, you must gather more food dispersed around the map to increase the size of your spear. The longer spear you have, the more damage you can deal. Watch out for your surroundings as you may get ambushed by someone else. If you get hit, the game will be over instantly, and you have to restart it from scratch. The goal here is to become the spear champion in the entire arena! Kick off the battle now then try to conquer it! Good luck!


Use the left mouse button to throw your spear, and click right mouse to speed up.

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