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Date added: 2018-09-26   Times played: 51

About Relmz.io


Get ready to battle against lots of wicked monsters across the land in an RPG web browser game called Relmz.io! You navigate adorable characters throughout the map and let them defeat all the monsters standing in your way. On your way, there are many valuable items with plenty of gold scattered on the ground. Feel free to gather them as much as possible then use them to trade for power-ups for yourself. Once you have increased your powers, you will find it much easier to destroy the opponents without taking too much effort. Besides focusing on killing others, don’t forget to protect yourself from the enemy attacks that can come from many angles in the arena. If you soak damage, you may get destroyed and the game will be over. Try to play tactically, never stop strengthening yourself until you become the strongest creature in the land. Are you ready? Join it now!


Use the right mouse to rotate the camera, click left mouse for moving or interacting. Use key E to open the inventory, and use the mouse scroll to zoom in/out.

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