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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

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Date added: 2020-10-28   Times played: 4

About Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights unblocked is a cool math game online that you can play to better your decision-making and critical thinking skills. Crazy Eights online is now available to play on Hooda Math Games. So, come to experience it now to prove your skills. The game is all about using your turns smartly to play with action cards. If you also love to play card games online, then this title is for you.

In the game, you must think and make decisions between a few options when you take your turn, particularly when you play with action cards. Calculate your moves carefully before doing your actions, and this also gives your brain a workout. To play a card from your hand, make sure it fits the color or number of the first card in the pile. When you have no playable cards, just select the pile to draw one. You can draw one card per turn, or continue drawing it until you pull a playable card. If you play an eight or wild card, you can change the current color too. There are some action cards featured in Crazy Eights online, including skip turn, reverse, draw two, and draw four. Try your best to use them to outplay your opponents and become the winner! Have fun!


Use the mouse to click and interact with the cards in the game.

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