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Vera Towers 2

Vera Towers 2

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Date added: 2020-10-28   Times played: 23

About Vera Towers 2

Vera Towers 2

In a nice tower defense game called Vera Towers 2, you have to try your best to fight against all enemies and defeat them for your victory. Vera Towers 2 unblocked is the second installment in the Vera Tower series. You can play it for free online on Hooda Math Games.

In this title, you take on the role of a knight who must use his strategies with good tactics to kill all enemies. The toughness of the enemies has become increased in this second installment, meaning you must put more effort into killing them if you want victory. You have a kingdom which must be protected well. The trolls, monsters, and other enemies will attempt to deal damage to your kingdom. Once it takes damage, you will meet an end, so do whatever it takes to keep it safe during the course of the battle. You are armed with a wide array of weapons, like arrows, swords, and cool magic spells. Use them smartly to get more strength to kill enemies easily. Play Vera Towers 2 game for free!


Use W or arrow key to life the bow, lower the bow using S or down arrow key, click the left mouse button or spacebar to shoot, and select magic using the left mouse button.

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