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Cub N Pup

Cub N Pup

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Date added: 2020-10-28   Times played: 9

About Cub N Pup

Cub N Pup

Cub n Pub unblocked is a fun math game for kids to play. Come play this logical game online on Hooda Math Games to show your skills and experience great challenges. Cub n Pub free online was released in July 2019 by Dave DeSandro. It is compatible with the desktop browser and mobile devices. Feel free to play it now to give your brain a workout!

Cub n Pup is a challenging puzzle game where you have to rotate the grid and try to find an accurate path for the cub to get to the star. Your little cub wants to reach the star, but he does not know which path to take. You just simply use your clever skills to click and drag the background for the grid to rotate. Then, you have to slide and rotate until the cub gets to his targeted area. Make use of your skills as well as calculate your moves before you perform any actions. Will you conquer this adventure? Play Cub n Pup game online for free! Have fun with it!


Use the left mouse button to rotate or move the cub in the game.

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